Extreme ease of handling and comfort in use are the main dowries of milling machines ALCOR series 220. The wide surface of the table, with 5 T slots to clamp workpieces, and the instinctive and ergonomic disposition of the handwheels makes of these milling machines of blots some only in their kind. Very strong cast iron structure. Slideways are hardened and ground, they run on matching ways coated with anti-friction material. Automatic lubrication. The table surface is hardened and ground. Feed rates are infinitely variable. Every axis has independent brushless servomotor and driver. Spindle speeds are infinitely variable and transmission through timing belt. Adjustment for is provided on the slideways. Tools coolant system with large chips tray and separate tank.


ALCOR 220 Engagement of automatic and manual feeds through an original ALCOR centralized system which excludes any risk of faulty manoeuvres and accidents. Axis clamping and relative release take place automatically through engagement of automatic feed or the use with mechanical handwheels for manual feed. X and Y axis are equipped with high precision ballscrews with preloaded double nut. The elevating screw of vertical axis is hardened with ground thread. An electromagnetic brake is provided on each axis. Electromagnetic clutches provide smooth feed during operation with mechanical handwheels. The machine is equipped of digital readout and linear scales with resolution 5 micron.


ALCOR 220 EASY This milling machine maintain to all the constructive parts of model 220, but it comes equipped with numerical control. It’s possible to use the machine in manual or automatic way with the aid of the CN.


ALCOR 220 CNC All the axis are equipped with high precision ballscrews with preloaded double nut. To the aim to guarantee the maximum rigidity and accuracy during the reversals, ballscrews of longitudinal and cross axis are pretensioned. The knee assembly (Z axis) is balanced hydraulically. Servomotors, drives and numerical control, with digital technology, assure the maximum precision in the movements, thanks also to the reading of the quotas by linear scales with micrometric resolution. The model 220 CNC can be supplied with electronic handwheels assembled on the knee cover.
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horizontal spindle

swivel head with moving spindle

swivel head with fixed spindle

safety guard

handwheels detail